About 8bitapp: Hellagraph Edition

Seriously, it's written in HTML5 and JavaScript? Yes. 8bitapp started as a prototype to see what PhoneGap and Processing.js could do on a mobile device with some larger datasets. I liked where it was going and decided to see where I could get by pushing the envelope I started when making the first version of 8bitapp.

About the Author I'm Alex Smith. I spend my days at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab doing web and mobile development and my nights doing projects like this to see how to show what HTML5/JavaScript can do on mobile devices. I can be contacted at alex@8bitapp.com.

10 foot tall holographs? I am scaling up my experiment to make 10 foot tall holographs that render fast enough to be viewed to the naked eye! Read more about my project at Kickstarter.com.

Special Thanks I was able to make it all happen thanks to PhoneGap from Nitobi, Processing.js, Lawnchair from Brian LeRoux, jQuery from John Resig, iScroll from Cubiq.org, zFlow from Charles Ying, the Camera Collection from Billy Brown, Nintendo, Konami, Atari, Sega, Disney's TRON, PacMan, Namco, Taito, and Atari. And of course, a very special thanks to the teams that contributed to technology as a whole and sculpting the lives of millions along the way. And a thanks to the teams at Apple that brought everything leading up to the iPad and gave us some freedom to create.

8bit app is in no way affiliated with Nintendo, SEGA, PacMan, Namco, Atari, Konami, Atari, Disney, Disney's Tron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, MegaMan, or any other companies. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.